Lost & Found

Now located at the Support Building (2025 F Street NW, Suite 101) Previously located at GW Police.


  • Items found anywhere on campus may be turned in to a Lost & Found location for safekeeping.  
  • There is a Lost & Found location on each of the three main Campuses, please see tabs below.
  • For the Foggy Bottom location, operational hours are from 9am-9pm, seven days a week. 
  • There is an after-hours drop box for found property at the same location.
  • If you have lost an item somewhere on the Foggy Bottom campus, please check the Found Property Log below. 
Foggy Bottom Found Property Log

This log is updated daily.  To verify ownership of an item listed on the log, please email [email protected]

Contact Info for Foggy Bottom

Looking for items that were lost on the Foggy Bottom Campus?  

  • Lost & Found for the GW's Foggy Bottom Campus may be reached by emailing [email protected]
  • During operational hours, a team member may be reached at 202-994-6706, Option 3.
  • You may also visit Facilities Central during regular operational hours, located in the Support Building, 2025 F St. NW, Suite 101
  • When visiting to claim an item, please bring a form of photo identification and be prepared to describe missing items in detail.

Looking for items that were lost on the Mount Vernon Campus?  

At MVC, Lost & Found is located in the Webb Building (2100 Foxhall Rd NW Washington, DC 20007) in between the field and academic building.

Drop Off or Pick-up Hours: 9am-6pm

Phone Number: 202-242-5117

Email: [email protected]


Looking for items that were lost at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, Virginia?

At VSTC, Lost & Found is located at the security station in Enterprise Hall (44983 Knoll Square, Ashburn, VA 20147) 

Any of the officers posted in Innovation, Exploration, or Enterprise Halls can check if the item has been found.

Enterprise Hall Security

Desk 571-553-3511

Cell 571-481-7883


Types of property accepted at the Support Building and by GW Police after hours

Laptops and tablets

Cell phones and radios

ID Cards



Medication that is labelled with patient info

Items labelled “Property of GW” or GW Department info

Items of significant value

Bags or wallets and their contents when containing an item listed above

Please note that clothing items are not accepted.  Clothing donation bins are located at Shenkman, District House and Amsterdam Halls.


Claiming items for another individual

If you are coming to claim an item for another individual the following steps must be followed.

  1. The property owner must send an email to Lost & Found and attach a scan of their photo identification.
  2. The email must state the name of the individual that will be picking up the item as well as a detailed description of the item that is being picked up.  
  3. The individual picking up the item must present ID to verify who they are when picking up the item. 

Labeled Items

If any items that are turned in are labeled with the name of a GW student, faculty, or staff member, then we will attempt to reach them by email. 

Lost and Found Property

All found property must be dropped off at the Support Building.  We are unable to retrieve items from elsewhere on campus.

After Hours - Items Found or Turned In

Any items found or recovered outside of L&F hours of operations, can be placed in the after-hours drop box located at the Support Building, outside of Suite 101.

Missing Property

All property is returned to the owners in the same condition that it was found.  GW is not responsible for any missing contents or damaged property.  Individuals may file a report with GW Police, if needed.

Retention Time

Property will be kept for 30 days from the time of drop off.  Unclaimed property will be donated.  Unclaimed property with personal information will be destroyed.


If a student has lost a bike, they may file a report with GW Police.


GWorld Cards

If you lost your GWorld card, follow these steps before you do anything else:

  1. Place a hold on your card to stop others from using your card for access or purchases. Log into your online card account to set up or remove a hold 24/7 or go to the GWorld card office during business hours.
  2. Retrace your steps and check with the front desk in the building where you last used your card to see if it was found.
  3. Check with GWorld card office to see if your card was turned in.  Cards can take a couple of days to be turned in, so please wait if you can.
  4. If your GWorld card is turned into Lost & Found, you will receive an email to come retrieve your card during operating hours. 

Go to the GWorld Card Program's webpage