Each residential room containing one to three residents is entitled to one mini-fridge and one microwave. Rooms with four or more residents and rooms with kitchens are equipped with 10 cubic foot refrigerators and microwaves. Rooms with kitchens should also contain a stove and may be equipped with a dishwasher. Any appliance related requests may be submitted through FixIt.  


Appliance Related Emergency Requests

Some examples of what qualifies as an appliance emergency:

  • Gas smells
  • Ovens or stoves that won’t turn off
  • Actively overflowing dishwashers or washing machines


Residential Stove Hoods

Some kitchens have stove hoods installed with no electrical connection. This means fans and lights are non-operational. The stove hood is there so fire stops can be installed. The buildings below have stove hoods with no electrical connection. If your building is not listed, you may submit a Fixit request for non-functioning stove hoods.

  • 2109 F St.
  • Aston
  • FSK
  • Fulbright
  • Guthridge
  • International House
  • JBKO
  • JJ
  • Lafayette
  • Madison
  • Mitchell
  • Munson
  • Strong