Residential Room Furniture

Each room should have the following items:

  • 1 bed per resident
  • 1 mattress per resident
  • 1 desk per resident
  • 1 desk chair per resident 
  • 1 dresser per resident

Rooms with kitchens are also provided:

  • 1 kitchen chair per resident
  • 1 kitchen table per room

Some apartment style rooms may have additional furnishings other than those listed above. However, they are not guaranteed. 

If a non-guaranteed item is broken, you may submit a FixIt request. Item replacement is entirely dependent on inventory and as such, not every item will necessarily be replaced.

Desk hutches are no longer provided. You may request that your desk hutch be removed, but you will not get a replacement.



Bunking and un-bunking beds are not services provided by FPCM. Some of the newer beds you may be able to bunk on your own.

In many cases, you can easily adjust your bed’s height with the help of a friend. Beds that can be adjusted have several hook slots on the bed ends. Just be sure that each hook is securely connected and all hooks are at the same level.


Do not remove your furniture

All furniture is registered to each room and removal of furniture from your space will result in the appropriate charges for the replacement of the item.

You should not place furniture in hallways, even temporarily, as it may be removed. Furniture placed in the hallway that is then removed will be treated as missing and the student will be charged the full price for the missing item.

You may rearrange the furniture within your room in any way you see fit, but do not stack items on top of each other.