Common interior carpentry items include:

  • Windows: blinds, frames and glass
  • Doors: woodwork, frames, thresholds and hardware
  • Building surfaces: ceilings, tiles, carpeting, and walls

If any of the items above are missing, broken or malfunctioning, a service call should be entered into FixIt.

Some common chargeable carpentry requests are:

  • Install or hang new items such as whiteboards, smart boards, bulletin boards, various wall mounted items, shelving, keyboard drawers and counters or cabinets
  • Disassembly or assembly of furniture, modular furniture or organizational units
  • Renovations of work spaces, upgrades to existing items, changes to structural internal space

To submit chargeable work requests, a power user must input a FixIt request .

Building Envelope:

The envelope of a building includes exterior walls and trim, and the structural property surrounding the building.  Any recognizable major damage should be called in to Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 Option 2.  All other items can be reported as a service call through FixIt.


Have a maintenance request?

Submit your maintenance issue through FixIt, our on-line maintenance portal. 

Emergency requests should be called into Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2.