Some examples of what qualifies as a carpentry emergency:

  • Front door to room jammed shut
  • Door doesn't lock or shut
  • Window glass broken
  • Window locks broken on lower floors
  • Stairwell door not working
  • Accessible door not working

For emergencies only, call Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2. This line is staffed 24 hours a day.


Carpentry Standard Requests

Windows: University residence halls have double hung windows and/or casement windows. Most lock and have restrictors to limit how far the window is opened. Your window should open six inches. If not, submit a FixIt request

Blinds: If your blinds fall down, submit a request through FixIt and a carpenter will come out as soon as possible to correct the problem.

Balconies: Certain rooms in International House have balconies.

International House residents may have limited use of their balconies. Do not throw objects from balconies or open windows. Objects thrown from balconies or open windows may harm people and/or university property, and is in direct violation of the University Housing policy. All balcony and window areas are monitored by the GW Police Department and violators will be charged and disciplined through Student Judicial Services.

Doors: Humidity and weather can cause doors to swell and shift. This sometimes also will affect the functionality of the hardware. If the door begins to stick or becomes hard to open, and the problem persists, submit a FixIt request

Do not put items between the door and the frame to prop your door open. This creates stress on the hinges and may force the door out of alignment, preventing the door from locking. Propping your door open creates a security risk. Keep your door closed and locked.


Some common chargeable carpentry requests are:

  • Install or hang new items such as whiteboards, smart boards, bulletin boards, various wall mounted items, shelving, keyboard drawers, and counters or cabinets
  • Disassembly or assembly of furniture, modular furniture or organizational units
  • Renovations of work spaces, upgrades to existing items, changes to structural internal space

To submit chargeable work requests, a power user must input a FixIt request.

Building Envelope:

The envelope of a building includes exterior walls and trim, and the structural property surrounding the building. Any recognizable major damage should be called in to Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 Option 2. All other items can be reported as a service call through FixIt.