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FPCM Leadership

Baxter Headshot

Baxter Goodly

Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning, Construction, and Management

Baxter is responsible for the management and delivery of all services within FPCM including Campus Development, Facilities Buildings & Grounds, Facilities Resources & Planning, Transportation & Relocation Services, and Utilities, Energy and Engineering

Baxter earned his MA in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University, his MA in Organizational Management from GW, and his BA in U.S. History from Tulane University. He also holds a Financial Management Certificate and is a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM).

Adam Headshot

Adam Aaronson

Assistant Vice President - Construction Management and Campus Planning

Adam received his MBA in Real Estate at GW and has worked here since 2006.

One of his favorite experiences at GW was planning for the Gelman Library Entry Floor project. A design charrette was held with students to learn about how they like to use the library. It was great to hear all the different perspectives and ideas, and this allowed student feedback to be incorporated into the final design. Adam feels that speaking with people from a variety of backgrounds brings new ideas to the table and better informs project design.

Harold Headshot

 Harold Speed 

Executive Director - Facilities Maintenance

Harold has spent most of his career working in the world of Facilities. After spending his first 30 years supporting the Air Force, he has spent much of the rest of his time at GW. 

While he has spent more than 20 years at GW, he still looks forward to the future of our campuses with so much focus being directed towards empowering improvements for our students, faculty, and staff. 

One fun fact about Harold is that he used to be a basketball referee for collegiate women in Pennsylvania. 


Mansi Headshot

Mansi Talwar, CEM, LEED AP

Executive Director - Utilities, Energy and Engineering

Mansi graduated from GW with her Masters in Environment and Energy Management in 2010 and joined the GW FPCM family in May 2021. As a grad student she participated in the design charrette of the Milken school of Public health project and since then she has supported GW on many projects as a LEED Consultant as well as a DC Sustainable Energy Utility partner.

Mansi is excited to be a part of the FPCM leadership team and support the university to meet its ambitious goals

Brain Headshot

Brian Snyder

Director - Campus Planning

Brian has been supporting GW since 2018. 

The Strategic Campus and Facilities Master Plan has become one of the focuses of his job, and he looks forward to how it will create a unified campus identity with a sense of place and belonging that aligns with our university values. 

One of his favorite GW experiences is volunteering at Midnight Breakfast, witnessing the faculty and staff go above and beyond their normal duties to ensure the students enjoy a break from their rigorous studying.