Chargeable Requests and Power Users

Individual Chargeable Requests

Chargeable requests are customer-funded requests. The requesting department must provide their Oracle Alias when submitting the request. To become a departmental Power user, the Power User Request Form (.doc) must be completed, signed by the manager and Finance Director. It is then sent to [email protected] via email. For assistance, please contact Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 Option 2.


Chargeable requests can be submitted online via FixIt by a department’s FixIt Power User(s) by selecting one of  the below templates under "chargeable services."  If you do not see the "chargeable services" option, it may mean you are not set up as a power user. Please contact [email protected] for assistance. 


FixIt Chargeable Requests 

  • Event - Support services provided before, during, or after an event, Firewatch, special housekeeping services (i.e. shampoo, carpet, deep cleans, etc.), after-hours HVAC event requests. 
  • Install & Estimates - Any carpentry, electrical, or plumbing installations. Painting requests, carpet and flooring replacement. Any requests for estimates.
  • Lock and Key - New or additional key cuts, install new or change existing cores.
  • Move - Moving services, request for boxes, minor moves, pick up of surplus furniture for reuse.
  • Signage - Nameplate insert, cubicle/office signage.