Never flush heavy paper products or other items down the toilet. Excess paper, paper towels, feminine products, latex condoms, and other “non-flushable” products can clog the toilet and/or the building’s sewer system.  If your toilet is clogged, use the plunger provided to loosen the clog.  

How to plunge the toilet:

  • Put the plunger in the bowl covering the drain
  • Push down and then, once the air has escaped from under the plunger, pull up. You are trying to create suction to dislodge the clog
  • Repeat pushing and pulling


  • Check below and behind the bowl for the shutoff valve
  • Turn the valve to the right to turn the water off and prevent the toilet from continuing to flood. You should feel the valve tighten
  • Submit a FixIt request to have a plumber check on the toilet


  • If your toilet is continuously running, submit a FixIt request. The flapper may be gone or there may be water running through flush valve. 


Have a maintenance request?

Submit your maintenance issue through FixIt, our on-line maintenance portal. 

Emergency requests should be called into Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2.