Hot Water

After and during spring break and other extended periods where buildings may be mostly unoccupied, some buildings may experience a drop in water temperature as a result of low building-wide usage. If the water doesn’t get hot after 15 minutes, submit a FixIt request.

Shower Heads 

The university uses low-flow showerheads that may provide less pressure than you are used to. If the water only trickles out, submit a FixIt request. Some buildings have both a showerhead and a tub faucet.  Pull the diverter up to use the showerhead and push it down to use the faucet.


How to use a plunger to unclog your shower:

  • Cover the drain with the plunger
  • Push down and then, once the air has escaped from under the plunger, pull up. You are trying to create suction to dislodge the clog
  • Repeat pushing and pulling


  • For handicap shower floor drains, try pouring water down the drain to prime it
  • Generally, chemical smells from your water are the result of the city adding chemicals to clean out the system. The water is safe to use

Murky Water

If the water has been turned off for a sustained period of time, try running the water for several minutes until it clears up.


DC Water routinely disinfects drinking water with chlorine and chloramine in an effort to keep it safe. You may occasionally notice a spike in one or the other that causes your water to taste slightly different. The university has no control over this, but the water is still safe to use. For more information, check DC Water’s FAQ on water quality.


Have a maintenance request?

Submit your maintenance issue through FixIt, our on-line maintenance portal. 

Emergency requests should be called into Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2.