Relocation, Recycling, and Reuse

As we construct new buildings, renovate existing facilities, relocation existing departments and personnel or just clean and paint our physical space, you may find a need for our Relocation, Transportation or Reuse team to assist you.


The university provides opportunities for you to recycle and ecycle a variety of products. A FixIt* request may be submitted when you have items to be picked up. Each FixIt request should specify the type of item(s) and the quantity of items to be picked up. This will allow us to schedule the appropriate manpower for your request. Crates are available for large volumes of items and we will contact you to schedule drop off and pick up dates.

Drop off service is also available for your ecycling items (toner cartridges, keyboards, printers, etc.) at the Support Building Loading dock, 2025 F St. during regular business hours. 


Our Reuse program allows university departments and organizations to select “gently used” office furniture, shelving, cabinets, etc. for their offices, conferences rooms, team rooms or common areas. This repurposing of university assets has a tremendous benefit for all of us. These materials are not discarded and placed in a landfill, which means we are reducing the overall cost for university trash collection. We are contributing to the university goal of becoming more sustainable and green! Please submit a FixIt* request if you would like to donate items to the program or select items from our ever-changing inventory. If you have any questions about our Reuse program, please email us at [email protected]


Our Relocation team can handle a wide variety of requests, from small single item moves, to large departmental moves. Please submit your move request through FixIt* and provide a complete description of your moving requirements. Having this specific information will allow us to assign the right team for your move. Many moves require more than just the moving crew. For example, a carpenter and electrician might be needed to disassemble a work station before it can be moved and those same technicians may be needed to reassemble the piece in its new location. A checklist of moving tips is available to help you plan and execute your move. Our Relocation team will meet with you to review your requirements and schedule.

Lab liquids, copy machines, lab or specialized equipment and IT equipment should be moved by the appropriate vendor.

*These FixIt requests will be service calls (costs will be against Facilities Services budget)

Have a maintenance request?

Submit your maintenance issue through FixIt, our on-line maintenance portal. 

Emergency requests should be called into Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2.