Residential Housekeeping Staff

Problems that might qualify as a housekeeping emergency:

  • Bodily fluids in common areas
  • Broken glass from windows or doors
  • Slippery spills and large scale water cleanups

Non-emergency housekeeping requests include:

Housekeeping will clean your room before move-in.  After that, you are responsible for keeping your room tidy.  This includes:
  • Keeping bugs at bay by cleaning up food debris and making sure not to let dirty dishes pile up
  • Leaving your shower curtain drawn to make sure it can properly dry off, thereby preventing mold
  • Allowing your bathroom to air out after a shower to prevent mold
  • Investing in a vacuum cleaner and mop for any spills as well as general household cleaning products (housekeeping does not provide these items)

You can avoid odors, pests and mold simply by making sure you maintain your room.  Keep your living space livable. Housekeeping does provide cleaning services for public spaces and hallways.  Common kitchens are cleaned once per week. Make sure to bag your trash before placing it in common trashcans or trash chutes.  Also remember to separate your recyclables. You may submit any requests for common areas through FixIt. 

Items Provided by Housekeeping

Housekeeping will provide trashcans and shower curtains for each unit upon move-in.  If you are missing any items, submit a FixIt request request within the first two weeks after move-in.

Included in each unit:

  • One trashcan for each bathroom
  • One trashcan and recycling can for each kitchen
  • One shower curtain
  • One plunger per bathroom
  • One trashcan for each bedroom (only in rooms that do not have bathrooms or kitchens)

Sustainable Practices

The university is committed to being a model of sustainability, and the Division of Operations continually seeks out ways to incorporate sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices wherever possible. Our “blue cleaning” program seeks to reduce our carbon footprint while also decreasing the level of chemicals present in our cleaning products. Specifically, our housekeepers now clean our campuses with Orbio chemical-free cleaning products.

Because our cleaning agents are chemical-free, you won’t notice the strong odors that are often associated with a clean space. Rest assured, though - our products are safe, sustainable, and effective!

Have a maintenance request?

Submit your maintenance issue through FixIt, our on-line maintenance portal. 

Emergency requests should be called into Facilities Central at 202-994-6706 option 2.