Administrative Housekeeping Staff

Problems that might qualify as a housekeeping emergency:

  • Bodily fluids in common areas
  • Broken glass from a window or door
  • Slippery spills and large scale water cleanups

Housekeeping Services

Trash and recyclable materials are removed from all university facilities daily.  Limited weekend housekeeping services are provided to specific areas on campus that are open and in use by the university community on weekends.  Any additional services must be submitted as a chargeable request three days in advance.  Housekeeping services are provided on a reimbursable basis for campus events (these are considered Chargeable Requests).

Departments are responsible for cleaning/maintaining their own refrigerators and microwaves.

Waste Receptacles

New spaces will be provided with trashcans.

  • Single offices receive one trashcan and one recycle bin
  • Cubicles receive one trashcan

Additional trashcans and recycling bins are chargeable.

Trash & Recycling

Everyone has a responsibility for the proper disposal of trash and recyclable materials.

  • Trash should be put in the appropriate receptacles.  Housekeeping staff will collect trash in black plastic bags, which are taken off-site for disposal.
  • Recyclable materials should be put in the appropriate receptacles. Housekeeping staff will collect recyclables in blue plastic bags, which are taken off-site to a recycling center for processing.
  • Please note that the District of Columbia’s recycling regulations (DCMR Title 21, Chapter 20) give inspectors the authority to cite building owners if too much trash is disposed of in recycling containers or if too many recyclables are disposed of in trash containers

Visit the Sustainability website for more information on what to recycle.

Sustainable Practices

The university is committed to being a model of sustainability, and the Division of Operations continually seeks out ways to incorporate sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices wherever possible. Our “blue cleaning” program seeks to reduce our carbon footprint while also decreasing the level of chemicals present in our cleaning products. Specifically, our housekeepers now clean our campuses with Orbio chemical-free cleaning products.

Because our cleaning agents are chemical-free, you won’t notice the strong odors that are often associated with a clean space. Rest assured, though - our products are safe, sustainable, and effective!

Housekeeping Requests That May Be Considered Chargeable

  • Event set-ups (must be requested three business days in advance)
  • Carpet cleanings outside of the regular cycle (cleanings are scheduled roughly annually)
  • Upholstery cleaning

Any facilities related requests may be submitted through FixIt.