General Access Building Hours

Academic & Administrative Building Hours

These hours represent general building access hours.  Authorized/designated users will have additional access hours that will vary by building and program. For example, lab spaces in Science & Engineering Hall, studio access at The Corcoran Building and law student access to Law School buildings will be available to authorized students as designated by the appropriate program/department. The hours below were last updated in August 2019 -- please email [email protected] if you have any questions or notice any changes in hours from what is shown below.

1776 G Street:  Main Entry via Exterior Door requires GWorld card at all times

  • Weekdays general tap access 7:30am-10pm

1957 E Street: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Academic Center: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), Noon-10p (Sunday with GWorld)

Bell Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Corcoran Hall (21st Street): 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

District House (2121 H Street) - retail dining venues + meeting rooms & community space (not residential areas):

  • Public Access: 6a-10p
  • GWorld Cardholder access: 6a-2a

Duques Hall/Funger Hall: 7a-11p Monday-Friday, 8a-8p Saturday, 12p-9pm Sunday with GWorld

Gelman Library: Please check Gelman Library site for most up to date hours

Hall of Government: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Law School Complex: 7a-6:30p (Sunday-Saturday, Law Students have access until 11:45p)

Lerner Health & Wellness Center: Please consult LHWC website to confirm

Lisner Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Marvin Center:  7a-2a (Sunday-Saturday)

Monroe Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

MPA: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Science and Engineering Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), 9a-6p (Sunday with GWorld)

Smith Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday) 

The Corcoran Building (17th Street): 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 9am-9pm (Saturday-Sunday)

Tompkins Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday) 

Building XX: 7a-Midnight (Sunday-Saturday with GWorld)