FPCM (Previously known as DivOps) Staff

2019 Performance Management

As outlined in Alicia Knight's 06-14-19 email to all Division of Operations staff launching the 2018 Performance Management (PM) process, there are several major changes to how all staff will now complete their annual performance evaluation:

  • Kick off for annual review performance process in [email protected] system: Friday, June 21
  • Employee check-in July 11
  • Managers Reviews due July 28
  • Next Level Approvals Due August 8
  • Performance Ratings Available to Employees August 23
  • Managers and Employees meet to discuss and sign off on reviews August 23 - September 5

Additional resources: 

FY19 Final Check-in Guideance for DivOPs Team Members

 See training calendar to right!

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